Anastasiya Halionka & Katharina E. Volk

Bedtime at the Zoo

Night is falling at the zoo, but Pippo the parrot can’t fall asleep. Someone’s howling!

Pippo flies through the enclosures to find the source of the noise, and along the way, helps many of the animals get ready for bed.

But who’s howling? He finds that out too!


Katharina E. Volk ties typical bedtime rituals into her funny story about a disturbing noise: a perfect bedtime story! The expressive pictures make the zoo animals glow in the dark night scenes and complement the amusing nature of the story.

Edition Bi:libri

Picture Book

Original title: Gute Nacht im Zoo
Age 4+
28 pp | € 20.50
hc | 210 x 297 mm
Publication: Feb 2023

Author: Katharina E. Volk
Illustrator: Anastasiya Halionka

All rights available


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