Martin Baltscheit & Josephine Wolff

Adam & Eve

Adam und Eva

A humorous adaption of the world’s oldest love story

Adam is bored. Although he lives in a gorgeous garden, in which he named every sprout and animal, being the only human makes him feel lonely. One day Eve shows up. A creature that Adam never saw before – so strong and funny and smart! Together they invent yoga and mango-salad and experience a very special feeling for the first time in the history of humankind: Love.
But then a nosy animal appears and puts the paradisiacal life to the test.

Kindermann Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Adam und Eva
Age 4+
48 pp | € 18
hc | 210 x 260 mm
Publication: Nov 2021

Author: Martin Baltscheit
Illustrator: Josephine Wolff

All rights available


“It is the oldest love story in the world, told countless times: The story of Adam and Eve. And now for children of pre-school age? Children’s author Martin Baltscheit and Phine Wolff have not set themselves an easy task. But the colourful cover alone arouses curiosity. […] It immediately becomes clear: Baltscheit and Wolff think nothing of clichés, but very much of trust and love. The plot of the story is not surprising, but how it is told is: Full of humour and linguistic wit and very colloquial. […] In “Adam and Eve” the humour continues in the illustrations by Phine Wolff. The large-scale drawings are multi-coloured and created on the computer with clear strokes. There are loving details to discover on every page. […] “Adam and Eve” is one of those special books that you can pick up again and again and discover something new every time.” – Kerstin Poppendieck, Deutschlandfunk / Bücher für junge Leser

“Martin Baltscheit interprets the story of the world’s first pair of lovers in a completely new and incredibly refreshing way here. Not a word is mentioned about God or the word sin. The biblical story is told in a very colourful, child-friendly and modern way.” – Janna Kasper, grau_weiss_kind 

“The Bible story of Adam and Eve is told by Martin Baltscheit in a way that is suitable for children, easy to understand and very funny. The beautiful colourful drawings by Josephine Wolff arouse children’s interest in this Bible story.
A beautiful, very high quality children’s book that explains to children how love comes about and why it is the most beautiful feeling in the world.” – Gabriele Pagenhardt von Mainberg, Lesen und Hören

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