Lena’s Shop

by Susanne Göhlich

Lenas LadenAs soon as Lena opens her shop, all the animals and toys gather round to do their shopping: little horse comes rolling up first, it orders a bowl of porridge. The pig chooses marzipan, the rabbit leek. And right at the end, bear decides on honey waffles—and shares them with all the others!

Susanne Göhlich continues her lovely Lena board book series with an episode that children will most likely want to re-enact immediately—playing shop continues to be one of the most popular children’s games.

Moritz Verlag | board | 24 pp | 170 x 170 mm | Feb 2016 | 2+

All rights available

[original title: Lenas Laden]


Previous titles in this series:

It's Bedtime
It’s Bedtime
Little Bear is the -Worse for Wear
Little Bear is the -Worse for Wear

Little Bear is the Worse for Wear

by Susanne Göhlich    Bär macht schlapp_neu

Lena’s bear is feeling ill. Everyone chips in to help make him feel better. The horse brings its blanket, the duck warm milk with honey, the polar bear lends bear his scarf and so on. Until, at the end, and thanks to the help of his friends, bear is already feeling a lot better.

Moritz Verlag | board | 22 pp | 170 x 170 mm | Sept 2014 | 2+

Rights sold: simplified Chinese, Danish

[original title: Bär macht schlapp]

It’s Bedtime!

by Susanne Göhlich   Bettzeit ists

Lena would go to bed, but her cuddly toys are missing!

The pig is still playing with the train set, duck Anne is chattering in the bath tub, the pony is drinking water from the pot …
So Lena has to search for one toy after another and get them ready for bed so that at last they can all cuddle up together!
Susanne Göhlich has conceived a charming and cheerful board book about a situation that every child knows full well (including the various delaying tactics!).

Moritz Verlag | board book | 22 pp | 17 x 17 cm | March 2013 | 2+

Rights sold: simplified Chinese, Swedish

[original title: Bettzeit ist’s]

Susanne Göhlich

Susanne Göhlich, born in Jena in 1972, lives in Leipzig. She started drawing whilst studying History of Art in Leipzig and stuck to it. Today she works as a freelance illustrator of posters, children’s and school books. Moritz Verlag published her board book “Words of the Bible” and Klett Kinderbuch her illustrations to the splendid series “The Wild Dwarves”.