The Turnips consist of six children from four families with the accompanying adults. They all live under one roof and it is impossible to say where one family ends and the other begins. The big Turnips share everything; cars, pianos and ties, and they take turns taking care of the small Turnips that are at home everywhere. They are called Turnips because their house is in Turnip street.

Flora loves her big family because there is always something going on. Always cheerful, she openly says what comes into her head; talks about the ‚for no reason-though-precisely because-party the Turnips celebrate to cheer themselves up when the fir tree has to be thrown out after Christmas and Easter is still so far off. Or even better: about the first time she walked to school without adults! But we also hear about her grief. Whenever it matters, her mother is not available, because she has to help deliver a baby. It takes a very special experience, until Flora stops denigrating her mum‘s job …

Hasel‘s little heroine narrates so refreshingly that in the end you can‘t help but agree: With a family it’s like gummy bears – the more, the better!

by Verena Friederike Hasel & Iris Wolfermann

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 128 pp | July 2018 | 8+


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[original title: Wir Rüben aus der großen Stadt]