by Andreas Hartmann & Ulla Mersmeyer Auf die harte Tour

Permit me to introduce Dole Kreuther: investigator, snoop, detective. Admittedly also absent-minded, clumsy and with an addition to carrots. And the one who is supposed to find the kidnapped magician Mr. Wendig.

But not only are hysterical chickens and nasty competitors causing difficulties for Dole, Wendig’s lovely assistant is also inscrutable. The money transfer for the abducted victim turns into a fiasco and Dole is running the gauntlet with everything turning out different than expected.

Obelisk | hc | 156 pp | 141 x 213 mm | 2015 | 10+

All rights available except for Chinese, Korean, Italian and Turkish language rights

[original title: Auf die harte Tour]