by Isabel Pin  Als alle früher

Tom and the other schoolchildren are busy drawing. Lea is drawing a big sun, Paul is drawing his new basketball shoes – and Tom? “Oh my God, Tom!!!” His picture causes a great stir among the adults! His teacher calls for the headmaster who is very concerned, too. Tom’s mother collects him before the end of school, his father rushes home, the doctor comes to see him and even grandma arrives. They all anxiously stare at Tom’s picture. Only Tom’s little friend Lilly is very fond of his picture and the two children are having an especially nice afternoon. Isabel Pin tells a humorous and sophisticated story about the ease of children’s creativity.

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 24 pp | 250 x 285 mm | 2006 | 5+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Spanish

[original title: Als alle früher nach Hause kamen]