Harsu and the Werestoat

on 08/01/2019

Frieda and the Happiness of Small Things

on 20/09/2018

The Mapmaker’s Race

on 26/04/2018

Joki and the Wolves

on 14/02/2018

Stories of the Wild West Gang

on 23/01/2018

Time is (Not) Like a Cake

on 26/12/2017

The People from Mumpitztown: The Kidnapped Mayor

on 26/12/2017

The Magic Pattern

on 02/12/2016

Hodgepodge in the Head

on 19/09/2016

Othello & Giovanni – The Great Cat Robbery

on 19/09/2016

The Hard Way

on 14/02/2016

Erik and Roderik

on 14/02/2016

Lisa, Paul and Mrs. Fish

on 14/02/2016

The Road to Ratenburg

on 16/01/2016

Cosmo’s World

on 29/07/2015

The Green Pirates – Trapped Birds of Prey

on 04/02/2015

The Magic Minus

on 26/01/2015

Sharks Don’t Come Ashore

on 08/01/2015

Make Way for Oswald! Desperately Seeking Santa

on 28/11/2014

Speed of Light

on 28/10/2014


on 28/10/2014

iX-Mission Scrapyard

on 28/10/2014

Sam Stripe and the Queen of Sheba

on 23/07/2014

Sam Stripe and the Mysterious Gold Scraper

on 23/07/2014

Sam Stripe Hunts the Bird Thief

on 23/07/2014

The Magic Times Table

on 23/07/2014

The One Who Stayed Behind

on 21/07/2014

Shorty. The Professor and the Little Monkey

on 21/07/2014

Buddha’s Secret

on 21/07/2014

The Volume of Possible Endings

on 19/07/2014

The Queen and the Nobody Boy

on 19/07/2014

The Travelling Restaurant

on 19/06/2014